may we all remember


radical feminists are feminists

roseanne barr is a feminist. so is the bug.

caitlin moran is a feminist.

so are all those nice white ladies who run

all of them feminists

that feminism does not contradict (or even often resist)

white supremacy, anti-Blackness, transmisogyny, ableism, the disappearing
Indigenous person, anti-immigration, and so many other oppressive

is exactly what makes it feminism.

for every intersectional feminist, there are a dozen ableist feminists

for every Black feminist, there are a dozen white supremacist feminists



so on

unless you mean to imply that feminism is a pure and unsullied as the
white women it benefits the most…


Seriously, guys, have you seen these shirts?  This site is like a goldmine!


ok, some of these are kinda fucked, but I *really* want the RBG one. Like really really.

A lot of lesbian and dyke spaces and a lot of feminist spaces are masculine-centric, [which] plays a big role about which trans people are welcome in the space and which are not. I’ve found that trans men and trans masculine people are way more welcome in queer spaces than trans women…. [A] large portion of the anti-trans sentiments are anti-feminine.
Julia Serano (via shuraloves)


I have a quick little experiment. If you believe that trans* women and cis women are both women (you can have any genitals and still be a woman), then please reblog! 

If you disagree, please reblog this one here.

I feel complicated calling myself a feminist, but yeah, I’m in.

Not all of us can say, with any degree of certainty, that we have always been human, or that we are only that.
Rosa Braidotti

I fucking met her in real life, y’all! The lecture she gave was not so impressive or groundbreaking though :/


Watercolor Collection: Women Defined. PART I. 

Ladies are awesome, don’t you agree? 

I wanted to make a simple collection of beautiful women in watercolor, so I did just that. Decided to add the accompanying text to give it a voice. My intent was not to abolish every stereotype, but to simply illustrate women of varying personalities, body types, ages, and ethnicities. Every woman is beautiful!

I will be selling this collection as a zine soon, but I had so much fun with it that I wanted to make it available digitally as well. Enjoy! 




What do network executives consistently get wrong in comedy? (x)



Keep an eye out, this summer I hope to turn this either into shirts, patches, or maybe both! FEMINISM

okay, THIS is what I want my feminist tattoo to be



Keep an eye out, this summer I hope to turn this either into shirts, patches, or maybe both! FEMINISM

okay, THIS is what I want my feminist tattoo to be

So apparently I’ve been called a sick porn freak by some radfem, a statement that I couldn’t agree with more. Reblog if you’re a sick porn freak, too!





“You fight like a girl.”

I’m sorry


I didn’t














Reblogging because I’m sure the comic readers out there could add some more.










*LGBTQ Issues We’re Interested In: Intersectionality

Sassy post is sassy—and makes some excellent points. As we at KNOWhomo headquarters   work toward keeping this a safe space for all members of the queer community, we continue to look for ways to find common ground for everyone interested in moving forward and making our world a better place, regardless of where we identify under the umbrella.

“…oppression operates in exactly such a way that even if it were the victims’ responsibility to end oppression, they wouldn’t be empowered to do so. The obligation (and power) always rests on the shoulders of the oppressor and those privileged by the oppression to end it.”


1) Be willing to confront instances of transphobia, cissexism, cisnormativity, cis-centrism, cis privilege and other forms of destructive bias where you find them (especially when you find them within feminist, activist or queer spaces), not through “call outs” or other toxic, self-defeating or abusive strategies, but by taking the opportunity for genuine discourse.

2) Don’t take a purely passive, reactive approach. Rather than waiting for things like someone saying something overtly cissexist, or a trans person bringing up a particular concern, be willing to proactively introduce trans issues, or trans-relevant aspects of broader issues, to feminist discourse. Likewise, proactively treat possible consequences, perspectives and concerns relevant to trans people and trans experiences as being not only significant but essential to all feminist issues and conversations.

3) Don’t assume any given issue is strictly, or even primarily, relevant to cis women. All feminist concerns are also transgender concerns, and vice versa. There are no feminist dialogues in which trans voices “don’t belong”, or to which trans voices have “nothing to add”. There are nosocial issues related to gender that don’t have consequences for trans people.

4) Proactively seek out transgender voices, perspectives and input on all issues, not simply what you regard as “trans issues” or situations where the value of such perspectives is immediately obvious to you. Come to us, rather than waiting for us to come to you.

5) Don’t treat the larger social conflict of gender as being dialectic or binary in nature. Don’t assume a unidirectional model of gender-based oppression.

via loversintransition, (original source is Natalie Reed).

<3 Ruth Elizabeth



never apologise for wanting attention.

if anyone ever tries to shame you or call you an attention seeker for posting photos of yourself on the internet, or talking about your achievements, or discussing mental health issues, or wearing tight/revealing clothing, etc etc, they’re an asshole.

attention feels good and you’re worthy of it.


Feminists have always been accused of hating men because it is a very effective way of silencing a very threatening movement. In a society where women’s value is based on our ability to please men, and where men hold almost all the cards, the worst possible thing we can do is hate them. So when feminists point out and object to the oppression, abuse and discrimination perpetuated by men against women, this is framed as man hating in an attempt to silence us, in an attempt to ensure that we are vilified and ignored by the rest of society, so that male oppression of women and male privilege can continue unchecked.

No matter how we frame our arguments and no matter what kind of image we seek to project, as long as we highlight, object to and fight misogyny, feminists are going to be called man haters.

So I’m not going to waste my time trying to prove that I’m not.

The F word (via skrinkles3)


THE UNTITLED MAG WANTS YOU: underrated badass feminists


i’ve had this conversation with countless friends over the weekend: how frustrating is it that when mainstream feminists make missteps, we tend to see them in the media even more often than when strong voices are calling attention to various injustices and oppression? why is it…

I would add some historically underrated woc feminists like:

Julia Foote

Anna Julia Cooper (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Maria Miller Stewart

Alice Dunbar-Nelson

Flo Kennedy

Lorraine Hansberry

Aida Hernandez Castillo

Devon Abbott Mihesuah

Renya Ramirez

Beverly Guy-Sheftall

Uma Narayan

Trinh T. Minh-ha

Aurora Levins Morales

Some historically underrated badass Arab feminists (bc some people tend to think they don’t exist)

Sahar Khalifeh

Ghada Samman

Doria Shafik

Djamila Bouhreid

Malak Nassif

……………in general any badass woman of color feminist who disrupted the narrative that there are “waves of feminism” and isn’t accounted for in the history of white feminism so often relayed in women’s studies classes or pop feminism blogs

lest we forget women of color have been producing feminist theories since there were even systems to resist